Sharing our passion for West Coast Swing

Hi! We are Sammy & Heather from Chicago, IL. We love a little dance called West Coast Swing. We travel around the States competing and teaching. We would love to share our passion with you.

Our Story

Meet the dorky duo

In March of 2013 Sammy & Heather were just casual friends at a dance event when a song came on that got their attention. They looked at each other and in unison shouted, "I love this song!" They jumped up and started to dance West Coast Swing to the inspirational song. The only problem was that the song was a Viennese Waltz. If you've ever tried to dance West Coast Swing to 3/4 timing, you'll know why this inspiration was quite unexpected.

Fast-forward 2 months and they kicked off their dance partnership with the debut of their first Rising Star routine, "Mad". Since then Sammy & Heather have traveled throughout the States competing and placing at events like the US Open, MADjam, Liberty Swing Dance Championships, Michigan Classic and many more.

Sammy was introduced to West Coast Swing in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the dance. He was trained extensively in dance instruction by four-time World Champion, Cody Melin. Heather has years of dance experience in a multitude of dances with West Coast Swing being her ultimate passion. Together they form an "adorkable" couple with a passion for helping improve the dance community.

What we teach

We love sharing our passion

West Coast Swing is our passion. Stemming directly from that is a natural drive to help the dance community improve.

Private Lessons

Everyone's dance goals are different. We would love to help you efficiently achieve your dance goals with private one-on-one West Coast Swing lessons.


Workshops should be educational and fun and we love teaching them. We've taught at many events including West Coast Wednesday (Chicago, IL), The Mix Dance (Chicago IL), Swing Dance (Peoria, IL), The Groove (Iliopolis, IL), Destination Swing (St. Louis, MO) & Boogie in the Burgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dance Events

We've competed our routines at over 15 West Coast Swing events around the United States. We have GPDIA pre-certification and are actively working our way to become level one certified judges. We'd love to bring our dorkiness to your next event - hire us!


Inspired by all those awesome routines at dance events? There's no better way to get your own routine on the floor than with a pro-am.

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Ready to take your West Coast Swing to the next level with a private lesson? Want to hire us for a dance event? We'd love to hear from you!

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